How the competition works

When it comes to innovation, simple ideas lead to big wins. Sometimes simple changes in code can redefine the networks of the future. Sometimes a small group of dreamers can change the way humanitarian efforts operate around the world. Now is your time to apply your ideas and really have an impact. Whatever you do decide, you’ll have the opportunity to excel. In addition to the prize of taking part, you’ll also be receiving the invaluable coaching of Ericsson experts that will help you develop your idea into a clear business case. See how the competition works below and register your idea!

How to participate

To participate in the Ericsson Innovation Awards, you must register with a complete entry by September 30th, 2020. A ‘complete entry’ means that all required questions are answered and you have registered up to 4 total team members, all of whom are current students pursuing a degree of higher academic studies.

We encourage university teams to embrace diversity and inclusiveness by bringing team members from different disciplines and be as diverse as possible – as we know diversity often leads to great innovative ideas and collaboration.

Register here.

By registering with a complete submission, you will automatically be entered to compete in the regional competition and will be eligible to be considered for the global semi-finals.

Learn more about the Terms & Conditions, and judging at all stages.


All finalist team members will receive the chance to participate in a Global live event transmitted from Stockholm, Sweden. Finalists will receive an additional 2 weeks of mentorship and recognition across Ericsson social media and digital channels.

The competition winners will receive prizes of:

Grand Prize: €25,000

2nd Place: €15,000

3rd  Place: €5,000

All prizes are including the Swedish tax to be paid once the winners are announced.

The Grand Prize Winner will also receive special recognition and additional mentoring session from Ericsson ONE, as well as, after careful evaluation by the Ericsson ONE team, the chance to pitch their idea in the Angel’s room.

More information:

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